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Supplements | Healing Autism & ADHD get from our online Kenya Shop in Nairobi
1. Cod Liver Oil - Fermented Cod Liver Oil Contain no Soy
2. Zinc -Zinc usually has a calming effect Also Support the immune system and helps with detox support
3. Magnesium -Pure Encapsulation brand Magnesium Citrate or Magnesium Malate.
4. Calcium -WaterOz it's easy to put it into my kids' juice or they just take it straight
5. B-12 -Methyl 12 Plus- speech and mood/behavior good to increase focus and concentration.
6. 5HTP/Serotonin Support -Serotonin Support Powder -help with sleep if someone is having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep support focus and concentration.
7. B-6 -B-6 Complex,Proven improvements in kids with ADHD.
8. B-Complex -B-Complex Plus Proven improvements in kids with ADHD
9. Probiotics -fight off the massive yeast overgrowth they have.
10. Multi-Vitamin-covering all the bases
Suggestive evidence is emerging that nutritional supplements and restrictive diets have a beneficial effect on the well-being and actions of kids with behavioral challenges and disorders

Amino acids. Amino acids, especially those in powdered form, may also be suitable for children that have problems with concentration. “Amino acids from protein are very important to brain function as they can be used as neurotransmitters (i.e., compounds that transmit nerve impulses). The proper amount and ratio of neurotransmitters are essential for attentiveness, task completion and the ability to remain calm when appropriate.”
Digestive enzymes. It bears repeating that many children with autism have trouble with digestion, and therefore may not be able to absorb all the nutrients they need for proper brain function. Says Gonzalez of Enzymedica, “Many of our children are enzyme deficient and are not manufacturing enough of their own enzymes.” Therapeutic enzymes may help offer digestive support and improve nutrient absorption
Vitamin B6 and Magnesium -vitamin B6 and magnesium help to reduce behavioral problems in youngsters with autism. children with autism are more attentive and learn better when given B6 and magnesium supplements.
If your diet contains white sugar, white bread, white rice or other processed foods – you are most likely deficient in magnesium.


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